Je Suis nyc

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Je suis is an Up and coming fashion line taking the whole world by storm. The Je Suis style Incorporates all types of Fabrics and cultures."You can always find something that suits you" Young, old, small, large, black or white, Je Suis will always have you being "YOU" With unique styles that you wont find anywhere else.

"Fashion doesnt always have to scream!
sometimes it Just whispers
It says ... I AM
It says ... Je Suis"

Welcome to the New ‘Je Suis’ Blog!

First, let me introduce myself, My Name is Senami Atinkpahoun, designer and CEO of Je Suis NYC. My brand is a fashion line but I also consider it a lifestyle brand…(Heard it from a billion other brands?) Yeah, I know. The reason why I consider Je Suis a lifestyle brand is because I don’t just design pieces that can be worn on runways or photo shoots, I make clothes that can be worn everyday. I cater to the young intellectual who chooses to express his/herself through clothing. I cater to the people who wish to tell stories through attire…I cater to art, I cater to fashion, and I cater to life.

Welcome to Life through the eyes of ‘Je Suis’